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Exceptional Ranch & Trail Horses for Sale


Raising, Training and Selling Quality Riding Horses and Select Foals

It's a Family Affair!

Hi! I'm Keya Sleister, I was raised working horses and taught horsemanship through feel and traditional natural horsemanship (before that became a popular buzzword) and have continued my passion of equines into my adult life. My perspective  and methods have adapted through the years as I have my own children, I begin aging (yikes!), and I never stop learning. Mikayla (my employee) and I attend several clinics every year as well as industry educational events to not only stay up to date and cutting edge, but also to provide our horses and clients with the best possible managers, trainers and caregivers. 


Come Ride With Us!


The coffee pot is always on for a visit and we love to spend time with horses. When you are seeking your next equine partner it is paramount that try out some horses and are honest in your goals and expectations. I will ask you questions about your riding style, discipline and intentions. Whether you ride 6 times a year or 6 times a week either way you are a horse enthusiast and part of the equine industry; we want your next horse purchase to be the right one (even if it isn't with us)

Our Mission

To cultivate and sell high quality horses that we have raised or purchased with a sense of integrity while training and marketing them in a way to ensure the welfare of our horses and customers. 

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