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We Keep It Easy - Because Honesty is The Best Policy!

Please feel free to call and ask about specific horses listed. I usually have videos and pictures of individual horses as we haul them throughout the year. Generally the sale list stays pretty consistent and will be updated as horses become unavailable. We are not "flippers" or "traders" so our list doesn't change sporadically. Each horse is ridden and seasoned here, as well as hauled for a vast sampling of venues, trails, camping, shows, etc. We want to be sure we have ridden, trained and represented these horses correctly. That takes a lot of man hours, fuel, miles and of course wet saddle blankets. 

All horses are current on vaccinations and ready to travel, they always have a current coggins  been physically vet checked (most in past 30 days). Before horses are listed for sale they complete a soundness exam. It saves everyone time! We won't sell you an unsound horse. Teeth are assessed and dental exams completed twice a year by an equine dentist. We use a professional farrier and trimmer; most of our horses wear shoes throughout the heavy riding season because of all the miles and rocky terrain we ride. If a horse is hauled west for recreation or hunting use they will have pads along with their shoes.

Our horses are 6 or 7 panel negative, most are tested- if they aren't then AQHA has told me that through parentage they are free of the AQHA heritable diseases. This is just one more way we try and make your investment in your horse easier and safer. 

SHIPPING- Feel free to ask about shipping options we have. We do use a professional service MJK TRANSPORT out of Wisconsin that has the highest integrity possible when it comes to standards of care for horses on the road. They also are very competitive in rates and routes. 

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